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New Product Development Group Leader Mr. Yoshimura
New Product Development Group Leader Mr. Yoshimura

New Product Development Group Leader Mr. Yoshimura

1. Job description

I moved to a new organization in June 2010, and got involved in developing new products. I am striving for the realization of new products for the project by making full use of all the assets we have accumulated through the production of sensors and digital and analog circuits obtained in various design works.

2. My obsession

For many years I have been involved in production of both electrical and electronic equipment, working with both the software and hardware aspects of inspection machines, control devices, etc.
The world is ever-changing and new technologies are being created.
I hope to incorporate new technologies not conservatively into new ideas, though my learning may be widespread and not in-depth. Although various unexpected problems may occur, I would like to solve these problems by not giving up, and dealing with them one step at a time.

3. Our strength

A new factory was built and comfortable working environments were created, equipped with various evaluation test machines, mounting machines, inspection devices, and a new experimental laboratory.
Making the best use of these, I think is what makes us strong and capable to seamlessly respond to all aspects from design and development to manufacture and sale.

4. What I want to challenge in the future

I would like to contribute to the commercialization of as many products as possible by adopting new ideas and technologies, while utilizing know-how that has been accumulated as I previously mentioned.
I also wish to continue with my efforts on fostering younger people.