Application Examples

Because the CLA Series is a transparent film electrode, it is possible to use this in different ways than the existing electrodes.
Have you had any experiences where the contents disappeared unaware and the process stopping because of this?
This is compatible not only with level indication but also voltage output so there are endless possibilities for setting the remaining amount alarm as desired. The upper and lower limit outputs can be set independently and arbitrarily.

Liquid-level control in the gage pipe

Both the upper and lower limits of the control (ON, OFF) can be set within the analog output range.
Analog output can be changed with a given range of the electrode.

Detection of interfacial surface position of the two liquids

Interfacial surface position can be detected using two liquids with different permittivity such as water and oil.
(The electrode must be within scope of either of the liquids)

Liquid-level control in cistern

Adaptable to nonmetalic cisterns such as resin, glass, ceramic cisterns.
Either cylinder or square cistern is acceptable.

Flow detection

This applies even when the flow volume is detected by the amount of liquid flowing through the pipe.

Level control for grain and powder

Level control for grain and powder

Miniaturization of the electrode of the liquid-level sensor

Miniaturization of the electrode of the liquid-level sensor Under development
Syringe: Micro dispenser
Content: Silicone