Flat type proximity sensor

Flat type proximity sensor

LPS Series

Ideal for cost down! Low-cost proximity sensor!

It is suitable for use at the place where spaces, such as a direct check of a metal palette, positioning of a processing machine, and a grip check of an arm robot, were restricted.

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Model LPS-FN5N1
Sensing distance 5mm±15%
Setting distance 0 to 3.4mm
Hysteresis 10% or less of detection distance
Sensing objects Magnetic metal (Nonmagnetic metal is detection sensitivity down As for the metal without magnetism, detection sensitivity falls. )
Standard detection object Steel 18×18×1mm
Response frequency Above 5kHz
Supply voltage
(Working voltage range)
DC10.8V to 26.4V maximum rippl 10% peek to peek
Consumption current 8mA max.
Control output NPN open collector output 100 mA max. at DC30V

1V max. (load current is 100 mA)

Indicator lamp Target present (red LED)
Operational mode NO
Ambient temperature At the time of operation: -10 to +55 ℃   At the time of preservation: -25 to +65 ℃ (However do not freezing, dew condensation )
Ambient humidity operation and preservation It is RH 35 to 85%, respectively. (Dew condensation)
Influence of temperature ±20% or less of +23 ℃ detection distance at within the limits with a temperature of 10 to +55 ℃.
Influence of humidity It is ±2.5% or less of detection distance at the time of rated supply voltage within the limits of ±10% of rated supply voltage.
Insulation resistance More than 50M ohm (with DC500V mega )  Between a live part package and a case .
Tolerance voltage For one minute at 500 VAC,50/60Hz between lead wires and electrode surface.
Dielectric strength AC1,000V 50/60Hz 1min Between a live part package and a case.
Vibration resistance 10 to 55Hz at 1.5mm in X ,Y and Z directions, double amplitude for 2 hours .
Shock resistance 300m/sec2 X,Y,Z each direction is 3 times .
Protective structure IEC Standard IP50
Connection method Code drawer type (Standard code 1m)
Weight (Packing) Approx. 18g
Material Case:Polyethylene  Lid:ABS